The best integrated platform for digital media management and operation

MNEX specializes in multimedia field software such as IPTV SW, digital signage solution development and supply, Android terminal, broadcasting solution, broadcasting system construction, OTT (OTN) solution, SNS solution development supply, IPTV system construction, etc. 

Company Profile

Since its foundation in 2009, MNEX has been supplying differentiated technologies and stable products focusing on the multimedia business field.
We are doing our best to improve customer value with expertise in various development and construction.
By providing services through various application programs, we are making more efforts to strengthen fundamental product competitiveness, and through leading software development, marketing and sales methods, we are always exerting new challenges and all our capabilities to strengthen our own solutions.
In response to the rapidly changing trend of the convergence era of broadcasting and communication, we have always maintained this position as a business partner of our customers by providing various solution, and will continue to be more advanced in the future.
We will always be a trusted company as the first time as the best partner for the success of our customers and partners. Employees of Mnex Inc.

Certification and awards

Patent status

Company History

  • May 2020: Selected as Gyeonggi Star Enterprise Promotion Project (Korea Economic Science Promotion Agency)

  • November 2019: Selected as a promising company in Gyeonggi-do (2019)

  • October 2019: Relocated the head office (383, Civic-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do)

  • September 2019: Registered for information and communication construction business (registration number: 311700)

  • September 2019: Selected as an export voucher business (Gyeonggi Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration)

  • July 2019: Confirmed as a Innobiz enterprise (INNOBIZ)

  • July 2019: Designated as a promising export enterprise

  • April, 2019: Selected as a MAINBiz certified company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • November 2015: Selected as a government project (company service R&D project)-Ministry of SMEs and Startups

  • 2013 June: Everyon TV Co., Ltd. Contents Aggregator (business alliance)

  • August 2012: Moved the headquarters office (Anyang, Gyeonggi-do)

  • 2012 March: Venture business certification

  • June 2011: Established MNEX Research Institute

  • February 2010: Signed a cooperation contract with KT CUG service and communication products

  • July 2009: Established a corporation (MNEX Co., Ltd.)

R&D History

  • January 2020: Android kiosk management solution development

  • March 2019: Developed streaming server

  • October 2018: IPTV system integrated platform development (Ver3.0)

  • June 2018: Developed an in-house SNS solution (enterprise SNS platform)

  • March 2017: Developed multi-channel broadcasting statistics solution

  • November 2016: Cloud-based signage solution development

  • Jan. 2016: Developed a document automatic distribution solution for tablets

  • December 2015: Developed production data chart display solution

  • October 2014: OTT solution development

  • April 2014: Advanced IPTV solution development (Ver: 2.0)

  • March 2014: HTML5 based smart TV web app store development (2nd)

  • March 2013: IPTV solution development completed (Ver: 1.0)

  • February 2013: HTML5 based smart TV web app store development (1st)

  • February 2012: Developed a server platform for TV portals (for Linux STB)

  • February 2012: Developed a server platform for TV portals (for Linux STB)

  • December 2011: App store development (App store for Android terminals)

Major Project History

August 2020 Yongsan-gu IPTV system supply and broadcasting system construction

March 2019: SK hynix built an internal broadcasting IPTV system in Wuxi, China

February 2019: SK hynix internal broadcasting IPTV system expansion and electronic bulletin board construction

January 2019: SK hynix outdoor signage system construction

Jan. 2019: Supplied Saemaul Geumgo IPTV solution (internal broadcasting solution)

Jan. 2019: Supplied Paxnet IPTV solution (in-house broadcasting solution)

November 2018: SK hynix internal broadcasting IPTV establishment

August 2018: Supplied Kakao OTN Solution

August 2018: SK Hynix (Archive & in-house communication VOD & in-house SNS solution)

April 2018: Supplied Gyeryong City Hall PR broadcasting solution and Android terminal (IPSTB)

February 2018: Hyundai Card VDI internal broadcasting system supply and platform construction

December 2017: Supplied kakao Firmware distribution solution

August 2017: Samsung Seoul Hospital digital signage solution supply development

May 2017: LG Group’s internal broadcasting system supply contract

April 2017: Contracted with Shindonghae Holdings Co., Ltd. to supply Android Kiosk system to Namseoul Auto Hub

Jan. 2017: Established Samcheok City Hall digital signage platform

October 2016: Seoul Semiconductor IPTV SW Android terminal supply establishment

September 2016: Supplied IPTV system to Health Insurance Corporation and established broadcasting system

February 2016: SKHynix production status system establishment

Feb. 2016: Supplied document distribution solution to Wanju County Council

November 2015: Supplied KT UHD quality test instrument

November 2015: CJ Powercast set-top box supply and monitoring solution development supply

October 2015: Yonsei Central Church OTT (OTN) solution supply

Feb. 2015: Dongyang Future University IPTV solution supply and broadcasting system establishment

February 2015: MetLife Life Insurance IPTV solution supply and broadcasting system construction

November 2014: Samsung Heavy Industries IPTV solution supply and IPTV system construction

August 2014: Supplied digital signage platform to Gyeongnam Provincial Office and built digital signage

April 2014: Sookmyung Women’s University IPTV system establishment

April 2013: Supplied SK Hynix digital signage Android terminal

March 2013: Amorepacific digital signage construction (publicity broadcasting system) construction

Feb. 2012: Developed and supplied digital signage (DID) to Kaywon College of Design and Arts and PR system

Jan. 2012: Supplied encoding system for internal broadcasting of Kookmin Card

December 2011: Univera studio construction and automatic transmission system supply

Sep. 2011: Saemaul Geumgo Digital Signage (DID) solution supply

Feb. 2011: Nuclear hospital (medical institute) digital signage (DID) system and hospital room promotion channel system establishment

Jan. 2011: Established Erom CUG (KT) service

2010 Aug: POSCO DID System construction

July 2010: Contracted supply of IPTV solution and IPSTB to Australia

March 2010: Univera CUG service establishment

2010 Mar: New York Life Insurance IPTV service network supply contract

Jan. 2010: Supplied and built an automatic transmission system for Univera IPTV

November 2009: Univera national agency internal broadcasting system maintenance contract

October 2009: Sports Toto electronic terminal system maintenance contract

September 2009: Established Daekyo e-learning pilot project

Main Business Areas

Multimedia platform supply

We supply total solutions related to multimedia.

Platform and service supply business

> IPTV system (broadcasting system)

> Digital Signage Platform

> OTA (OTN) platform

> PC broadcasting platform

> Kiosk Platform

System supply business

We are developing and supplying multimedia devices and broadcasting related systems.

Terminal and system supply business

> Android terminal (IP set-top box) supply

> DID advertising display supply

> TV display supply

> Streaming system supply

> Encoding system supply

Construction maintenance business

We have the infrastructure for system construction and maintenance work for the whole country.

Construction and Maintenance Operation

> Digital Signage Construction

> Broadcasting system construction

> Build production system design

> Broadcasting system maintenance and operation

> AV system design

Server & application development

We develop and supply server solutions and various applications.

Server & application development

> Service planning

> UI/UX planning and development

> Application development

> Web Server development supply

> Customize development

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