Signair – Digital Signage Platform

MNEX provides a total solution to operation programs, advertising terminals, and displays, and provides both corporate signage products and SOHO signage services.

  • What is SignAir digital signage solution? It is a digital advertisement solution that can conveniently display various contents through a video terminal at a remote location in the Internet and local LAN environment.
  • The system was configured by more efficient and optimized content transmission technology and data communication, and was designed to provide various contents and data services in various environments.
  • You can select and build software suitable for small-scale environments and software suitable for large-scale regional environments.
  • You can create a stable and economical display environment through Android-based boards and terminals developed with accumulated know-how.
  • Anyone can easily operate the system anywhere, anytime, anywhere on the Internet (network) through a web-based operating program.

Main function

You can perform real-time live broadcasting and scheduled broadcasting, and you can configure various widgets on the screen with various screen configurations. It is a system that can optimize to customer requirements by providing all solutions from system design to construction.

Schedule playback

After receiving and storing contents, the terminal plays according to a set schedule

Group management

Function to manage by group when operating multiple terminals

Edit schedule

Schedule creation/delete/edit/copy, convenient organization function

Live support

Real-time broadcasting of the video shot by the camera

Audio broadcasting

Real-time or scheduled broadcasting, audio broadcasting such as MP3

Text broadcasting

Text broadcasting displayed in real time or at a specified time

RSS support

Display RSS data simply by entering the RSS address

Real-time search terms

Display search terms in real time according to the requirements

Remote control

Remotely control the terminal or TV connected to the terminal

Various terminal devices

Supports set-top boxes, boards, tablets, and large displays with Android

Application field (portfolio)


MNEX has been supplying digital signage for various fields, and can develop and supply optimized solutions to customers according to customer requests.


Menu board/advertisement/event/promotion/music broadcast


Building information/area information/floor information


Hotel information/convenience facilities/area facilities/area tour information


Financial Product Information/Corporate Image Advertisement/ Nearby Facilities Information/ Order Waiting Information

Government Office

Civil Affairs and Local Information Promotion/Civil Petition Information Service/Local News

School / Academy Advertising

School promotion broadcast/learning-related information/school club information/information board


Product Information/Product Promotion Video


Patient information/treatment/user convenience service/promotion

Religious organizations

Information guide/worship guide/worship live broadcast, etc.

System configuration


System configuration basically consists of a server in charge of transmission and a terminal part for display.

Web server

Content,,Terminal, User Management
and Screen Manage


Android OS based
Small terminals and devices


HDMI output terminal
General monitors or TVs

Related Video (Portfolio)

Check the video management screen for terminal management/content management/schedule production, etc.