OTA Platform ( Upgrade Server System)

OTA(Over The Air) Overview

What is an OTA update solution?
It is a technology to update OS, firmware, SW, etc. remotely by wired or wirelessly.
It is an upgrade solution based on the service scenario of forced upgrade by OTA server and manual upgrade mode by user by upgrading the firmware and application used in the device through the network.
The upgrade solution consists of Update Server Solution, Back Office Solution, Push Server, and Download Launcher.

System main composition

OTN ( OTA ) Solution

Upgrade Server

  • Communicate with terminal for upgrade

  • Upgrade the firmware by checking the version of the firmware and sending the firmware file.
  • Feed a USB Download URL

Push Server

  • Provides upgrade information and message alarm for terminals that need to be upgraded

Back Office Server

  • Firmware version management, classification management, download management, analysis/statistics with an upgrade management system

Upgrade Launcher

  • The terminal communicates with the upgrade server to check the version and upgrade.